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 New art of Indy and Andrew

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New art of Indy and Andrew Left_bar_bleue999/999New art of Indy and Andrew Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

New art of Indy and Andrew Empty
PostSubject: New art of Indy and Andrew   New art of Indy and Andrew EmptyMon Jul 26, 2010 2:22 pm

New art of Indy and Andrew Indy
Indy's art is smaller than normal. I'm working with a new design, so give it a while.

New art of Indy and Andrew Andrewi
Andrew's art is large like normal. This was his first and maybe the final design. Trivia: The first plan for this character was going to be green and red striped, but scrapped due to too many religious offensives.

My YouTube Channel:

New art of Indy and Andrew Notmyh10

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New art of Indy and Andrew
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