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 Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews.

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Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews. Left_bar_bleue999/999Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews. Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews. Empty
PostSubject: Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews.   Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews. EmptyThu Oct 15, 2009 12:47 pm

Green Flower Zone 1 (GFZ1) = This is a very good level to start of a game like this. The enviorment responds to the intro. Many secrets await here. Tails can easily find just about all of them. A very easy level, can be completed in under 30 seconds. It's endding is a strange one, as from towering hills to a plain.
Indy94's rating = The level is a bit too easy, but this is a good game starter. I rate this 9.2/10.

Green Flower Zone 2 (GFZ2) = This level has to be the best in this game! A good level that is not too easy, but not too hard. Secrets are yet again, back, but more plentiful. A huge waterfall with 30 Rings on top, a hideout, a big tree stump, and many more await you. You end in a cave with a ton of CRAWLAS.
Indy94's rating = As I said, best level in the game. I rate this 9.9/10.

Green Flower Zone 3 (GFZ3) = Uh, not much to say. This is the first fight with Robotnik. Your in a boxed area, with 4 sectors to stand on. You just hit Eggman until he explodes. There's not much to do. It's a boring level.
Indy94's rating = It's an OK level, but not very fun. It takes the speed out of Sonic. I rate this 7.1/10.

I haven't played this lately, so that's all I will review.


If you wanna know, I go by 3 names in SRB2: Indy, Indy the Hedgehog, and Indy94.

My YouTube Channel:

Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews. Notmyh10

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Indy94's SRB2 Stage reviews.
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