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 Warning Levels

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PostSubject: Warning Levels   Warning Levels EmptyFri Oct 02, 2009 9:59 pm

I am now starting new Warning Levels. This reflects of warnings, but we won't have to say "Warning, warning, warning." This makes it much easier. Everyone has 0% right now. Any one breaking the rules (depending on what it is) will recive a differant %. Say you bump, 20% right there. I'm keeping a Microsoft Word document of everyone levels.
ADMINS: PM me when you give Warning %'s to someone & tell me how much.


Swear = 10%

Bump = 20%

Flame = 30%

Curse or cuss = 40%-50%

Inapproperite images = One month ban

Ban = 100%

Let's you know, ahead of time. Have a nice day.

My YouTube Channel:

Warning Levels Notmyh10

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Warning Levels
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