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RULES! READ THEM FIRST! Left_bar_bleue999/999RULES! READ THEM FIRST! Empty_bar_bleue  (999/999)

PostSubject: RULES! READ THEM FIRST!   RULES! READ THEM FIRST! EmptyMon Jul 13, 2009 8:23 pm

We didn't have any rules for a while, so I made some. Read them.
EDIT (4/6/10): If there is a star, that means that those rules DO NOT APPLY anymore.

Rule 1. Don't over use smileys. I gave them to you, I can take them away from you.
Rule 2. Don't evade a ban.
Rule 3. Don't impersonate ANYONE. (I can look at your IP via post and ban you.)
Rule 4. Don't double/multipost. Thats what the edit button is for.
Rule 5. Don't flame. (Start fights)
Rule 6. Don't ask to be admin. This will lead to a ban.
Rule 7. No random post's.
Rule 8. No bumping. That means writing a message in a 1 month old or older topic. You may bump if you write "May I bump?" before you type anything else.*
Rule 9. Don't ask me or the other admins to ban someone. We will ban them if we catch them doing something against the rules.
Rule 10. Don't adventise your own site or Mibbit channel. You can post you Mibbit channel in the topic, but nowhere else.
Rule 11. Don't post inapproperite images in the gallery.
Rule 12. Don't abuse the "Karma" feture.
Rule 13. Use proper grammer. A few spelling mistakes won't get you banned, but if you keep posting bad grammer, you will be banned.*
Rule 14. Don't say something like ooooooooooooooooookkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk.

Here is the Banning System
1st strike: 3 day ban
2nd strike: 1 week ban
3rd strike: 2 week ban
4th strike: 1 month ban
5th strike: 1 year ban
6th strike: Permanet ban

The first time you do something wrong you will be given a warning. The second time we see you doing something wrong, we go straight to banning.
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